All About Perfumes

All About Perfumes

We often buy perfumes by smelling them in the store and when we come back home it quiet doesn’t smell the same. Have you wanted to know what notes are when a perfume sales representative can’t stop bragging about it? Well if you often find yourself in these situations or even if you want to know about perfumes simply out of curiosity, you’re at the right place. Let’s decode perfume.Perfumes are made of mainly of essential oils and can contain around 100 of ingredients. Essential oil is natural oil which is obtained by distillation and has the characteristic odor of the source from which it’s obtained. Essential Oils are also called Fragrant Extracts.

While buying a perfume, you should know how it works. Yes! you read it right, you need to know how a perfume “works”. It isn’t as simple as spray, smell and buy. You must have noticed that once you apply a perfume it doesn’t smell the same with time. Its smell unfolds with time which is because of the notes. A perfume has 3 notes:
Top note: This is also called the head note because it’s the first thing you’ll smell when you spray a perfume but evaporates quickly thus revealing our next note.

Middle Note: Also called heart note appears just before the top note evaporates and it can last from 2 minutes to one hour depending upon the perfume you’re wearing.

Base Note: When the middle note evaporates, base note appears which reveals the ‘body’ of the perfume. This is called the dry down period when the body of the perfume is revealed. It lasts the longest sometimes up to 24 hours. This is the true scent of the perfume.

There are different kinds of perfumes available in the market today among which the important ones are:

Parfum: This is the most concentrated form of perfume and contains around 20-40% of pure perfume oil. Since, it is most concentrated it happens to be the costliest, is used in small quantity, lasts longer and its scent will stay longer. When someone says “perfume”, this is what they’re referring to!

Eau de Parfum: Eau de Parfum or EDP  contains up to 20% perfume oil and is the “middle-option” while buying a perfume. If you don’t want to splurge much but still want a long-lasting decent scent, EDP is the one for you.

Eau De Toilette: Shortened as EDT, this contains up to 15% of the essential fragrances happens to be lightest perfume in the category. It fades away quickly as compared to the other two and is a good option for summer or just to sleep in. I’m using British Rose EDT from The Body Shop and it’s pretty awesome.

I hope next time when you’re out buying a perfume you’ll know better!

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