How to Apply Facepack Correctly?

How to Apply Facepack Correctly?

Yes! you read it correct! There are ways to apply facepack correctly. And without wasting much of our precious time, let’s get started:

First of all, prepare the mask or facepack fresh.

Once you’ve prepared the pack, it is time to prepare your face. Wash your face with luke warm water and a cleanser if needed (please make sure the water is luke warm and not hot!) and pat dry your skin. You’re good to go now. You can also use a mild scrub to open up your pores before applying facepack.

Now, apply facepack and let it dry naturally. It’s recommended to use facepack in evening or night before bed as this is the time when your face can relax completely and will have sufficient time for that as you won’t be going out in harsh sunlight or pollution (It’s preferable to apply facepacks after shower, since shower open up pores).

Also, it’s never a good idea to apply facepack containing lemon in the morning and step out in the sun. Lemon will react with sunlight and may cause dark spots as well along with other reverse effects.

Don’t let your facepack dry completely. And if it does dry completely, splash some water on your face, let the pack loosen and massage in circular motion with your finger tips to take the pack off.

After you’ve taken your facepack off, apply some toner followed by a moisturizer. And tadaaaa… Your facepack routine is done. Please don’t skip on moisturizer because moisturization is an important step and it will let your skin be healthy and supple.

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Happy skincare! :*


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