Skincare Tips

Skincare Tips

If you live in a humid place like me and have oily to combination skin and top of that sensitive skin, you’re doomed. Most of the products won’t work on you or will either cause break outs. Here are some tips for a better skin care routine:

  1. One of the important funda for having great and not just good skin is to remember what you eat inside, your skin is outside. So if you keep on feeding yourself all the junk food, you can’t expect to have good skin only by applying products.You’ll only end up buying more makeup to cover your skin problems rather than solving them. Products might help you get better skin by fixing the problem temporarily but to end skin problems you must feed it what it wants.
  2. Drink 8-10 glasses of water. This might seem a simple and found everywhere tip, but all of us need water to keep hydrated and that gives a good glow to the skin. So, try this out for at least 30-45 days and see the result yourself.
  3. Always, always, always know what your skin needs. Don’t slather on products unless you need them. Look for problem areas and target them one by one, prioritizing on the basis of severity. Not everyone has dull skin or blemishes or acne or open pores. You can try and make a prioritized list of the problems which you need to solve and tackle them one by one! If needed, seek professional help.
  4. Your skin heals the most at night. You can use a night time cream while sleeping to recover your skin from the day’s stress.
  5. Sleep on a clean pillow. Always pay attention to what surface your face is touching and if that surface is clean or not.
  6. Scrubbing is good. But big granules may tear your skin’s layer. Look at it this way: Your skin is soft and thin and when you use a rough and hard scrub, it tears your skin. Use a gentle scrub.
  7. Don’t forget to take your makeup off before sleeping in the night.
  8. Moisturize your skin. People with oily skin often tend to skip moisturizers believing they have enough oil on the skin and don’t need moisturizer. Thing is when your skin needs moisture and couldn’t get any, it produces oil to balance it out (sebaceous glands are overactive). Well we do have an advantage as well, our skin ages at a lower rate than other skin types (hurray!). So go ahead and moisturize your skin. For first few days, you can start with a light moisturizer at night and maybe you’ll be able to see you’ve less oily skin than usual in the morning.
  9. Have a solid skincare routine. Follow CTM if possible. CTM is cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Cleanse your skin using a good cleanser as per your skin type, wipe the cleanser off and then wash your face off with a face wash. Then tone your skin with a toner, again as per your skin type, make sure it is alcohol-free and then moisturize your skin with a moisturizer. For daytime, finish your skincare with a sunscreen. Always use a sunscreen while stepping out, irrespective of the season. Remember, sunscreen is the final step in skin protection, nothing should be applied on top of it, else it’ll reduce the effectiveness of the sunscreen.
  10. This one is for people with oily skin: People with oily skin needs to take care of pores. They have open pores and should try not to clog them. Use non-comedogenic products.
  11. This one is for people with oily skin: Using soap will only strip your skin from moisture and hence you’ll end up producing more oily skin. Also, try and use soap-free products, they’ve lower pH.
  12. Avoid products which contain paraffin and mineral oil, they increase moisture loss from skin.
  13. Use eye makeup on water line ONLY IF the product specifically says that it can be!
  14. DO NOT wax your facial hair. It will sag your skin earlier than normal.
  15. Try to be gentle with your skin. Avoid any rubbing while drying it. Pat drying is a good alternative to it.
  16. Avoid touching your face. Our fingers, most of the time are contaminated because of traveling or touching unclean things. Touching your face will only transfer these germs/bacteria to your face.
  17. Aloe Vera gel is good for skin, but it might dry out your skin in winters. Make sure you use a moisturizer as well.

I know this could be a lot to follow all at once, but once incorporated in your daily routine it’ll come naturally to you! Happy Healthy Skin ladies :*

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