Kaya Skincare Products Review

Kaya Skincare Products Review

I have waited too long to write this review because I actually wanted to finish the bottles which I’ve got for myself rather than just purchasing the bottles and writing a review of the package and how it smelt. Here’s a review of how the products worked on me:
I bought Kaya Hydra-Cleanse MakeUp Remover, Nourishing Night Cream with Anti-Oxidants, Face Cleanser- Sensitive, Revitalizing Tonic back in May’16 when I was troubled with way too many acne on my forehead and cheeks. I got these products from a Kaya desk at Shoppers Stop and not from a Kaya Clinic or salon, though the attendant appeared to be a well-trained person himself. I’ve been using these products for more than 7 months now without repurchasing and ALMOST daily.

  1. Kaya Hydra Cleanser MakeUp Remover: The brand claims this to be a 3-in-1 alcohol-free formula which is gentle on skin, lips and eyes. It retains the moisture and natural pH of skin. Cucumber with Hazel extracts reduce pore size to normal and instantly soothe the skin. img_9656

Price: 100ml of this product is marketed at Rs 290/-.

Base: This has a creamy texture.

Packaging: Comes in a tube and is handy. Maybe carried around in a purse.

How to Use: Squeeze some product on a cotton pad and swipe across your face to take the makeup off.

How well it worked: It didn’t work well at all for me. Though I didn’t face any breakouts or burning sensation after using this product but I was dissatisfied with the amount required to wipe my make-up off. Since the product is creamy and a bit thick, I always end up squirting again and again the product on my cotton pad because most of the product is absorbed by the cotton pad itself.

Verdict: It does takes off your makeup, it doesn’t burn your eyes, but is out there, existing and there is nothing special about it. My pores are as huge as they have always been before and after it’s application. At this price, I’m pretty sure I can find better products.


2. Kaya Sensitive Face Cleanser: On the product it says that it’s especially formulated for sensitive facial skin that needs special attention, this mild, soap free formula cleanses gently without dryness or irritation. It calms the skin as it is specially formulated to be non-drying & non-irritating. It’s perfume free and works best with our other facial care products for sensitive skin.


Price: Rs 650/-

Base: This is a rather gel-based formula I would say though it does have a creamy thing going on as well.

Packaging: This product comes in a bottle with a pump.

How to Use: First things first, this product hardly forms lather which is what I like about it. It says that it’s a cleanser but the way I was told to use it was as a face wash, wet you face, take 2-3 pumps on your palm and apply on your face and wash it off.

How Well it Worked: This one worked, like really worked, in fact this was my favorite product from my entire purchase. It wouldn’t leave your skin dry and gives you a clean feeling post wash. Also, when I started using this product, I had acne and after using it, they were all gone.

Verdict: This is a good product for sensitive skin. I might stick to it but would also look for something better at the same time. You get the drift, right?


3. Kaya Daily Pore Minimizing Revitalizing TonerThis product says it’s alcohol free, which is something to look forward to in a toner. Maybe I’ll write a separate column on what to look forward to in products, but here, alcohol free toners wouldn’t strip your skin off natural moisturizers which leaves you feeling dry.


Price: Rs 450/-

Base: It is watery looking like every toner.

Packaging: Again comes in pump bottle just like a cleanser.

How to Use: Pump 2-3 times on a cotton pad and swipe across your face.

How Well it Worked: It dries my skin and it didn’t minimize my pores as well.

Verdict: There are better products in the market than this for this price. I’ll any day buy Amway’s toner for oily skin over this.


4. Kaya Nourishing Night Cream with Anti-Oxidants: On the product it says, nourishing night cream is specially formulated to work at night to give you notable lighter complexion. Potent Whitening active Azelaic Acid works to give you lighter and brighter skin.


Price: 50ml for Rs 990/-

Base: Creamy and looks light.

Packaging: Comes in a pump bottle.

How to Use: Pump required amount on your hand and message all over the skin. Use a bit extra for darkened/pigmented areas.

How Well it Worked: I’m not a huge fan of fairness creams but as per Kaya Assistant I was told that it’ll only reduce pigmentation and wouldn’t bleach my skin. Turns out it has zero impact on my skin. It doesn’t feel heavy THAT much,neither does it leaves my skin matte. It gives you a oily look, but you have to sleep post it’s application, so that doesn’t matter much to me though it’ll attract dust and pollution if it were a day cream!

Verdict: No results so wouldn’t buy it again! It was only an expensive looking cream (AND expensive) in an expensive looking bottle. Nothing else. No good or bad results at all.


Brand Verdict: Though this brand might have worked on others, it didn’t at all on me. Some products were good but at that price not THAT good. I can always find cheaper and more reliable substitute, I’m pretty sure. I wouldn’t put my money on this brand.

COMING UP NEXT: The Body Shop product reviews.


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