0. Revisiting Java

0. Revisiting Java


Welcome to Revisiting Java. 

If you’re bored of “Basic Java Tutorials”, “Java For Beginners” and similar other websites which gives you just a bite of this technology and leaves you wanting for more, here is a series of tutorials/notes/blog which might help you dig a bit deeper. I’ve tried a bunch of blogs, videos, tutorials which are either so basic that they don’t add anything to my industry needs or jumps from ground 0 to 100 within seconds leaving me a lot confused than before. This might be a slow material for you, but I’ll try to mention everything I wished I knew before-during-after learning this technology. 

I highly recommend practicing and even building a teeny-tiny project using Java which will give you an idea of what things you need “practically” when you’re working on a Java project. For example, how’ll you connect your database to your application/project in Java. Or what’s multi-threading? How do you create a screen for the user using Java? What’s Regex? How do we use Regex in Java?

Objects. Ugh! Understanding objects was a complete nightmare for me. I come from a non-CS background and most of my instructors threw CS jargon more than often without even caring to explain.

Let’s get started then!




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