New Love

New Love

Thing about new love, love which is still blooming is it makes you forget which world you’re in.  You’re no longer in a busy, hot, sweaty train full of people, crying babies. In fact you wouldn’t even know which place you’re in, even the sound of the engine is like background music, building up, building thethrill and excitement and horror of what’s going to happen next. It makes you feel young and bold. You sneak out, take time out from your busy life just for a glimpse.

Same has happened to me. My new love. I’ve fallen in love with reading. It’s like the treasure hidden in the basement of my house I didn’t know about it. And now I know, I know what it’s worth. It opens up another world to me, I’m rich with stories and experiences. I’m living many lives in one lifetime. It’s exciting. I feel the characters, their life, their pain is mine and so is their pleasure. I speak, howl, die and breathe again with them.

I lived with Louisa Clark and I cried with her when Will died, I felt the pain so strong as someone has pierced my heart. I was stunned when I found out about Lily as much as she was. I struggled with Rachel to sort life out, to get over a failed marriage, to get over the pain and agony of an unfaithful husband. I was with her, in her journey. I dreamt with Tesla when he dreamt of harnessing the power of water and felt betrayed as he did when Edison refused to pay him the money he deserved.

I’ve never lived liked this. It gives me an edge, an opportunity to see life from someone else’s perspective. A chance to live someone else’s story. I’ve opened up my mind more in a month than I did in the last 23 years.

Reading is, by far, the most underrated joy I ever came across and I’m glad I made it to this side of the world. I like it here, it feels like my own as if I’ve found a part of me which I didn’t know was missing. I’ve fed myself all my life and now I’m feeding my brain. And I can tell I’m gonna stay here for a while.

P.S: I’m adding some books which I’ve read recently or I plan to and I think you should give them a try too (Yes! I’m giving myself an easy start and am reading mostly those novels on which movies were based and I found them good). Also, I’ll keep adding more books below as I come across and find them interesting. You can browse the entire Kindle category of Amazon here and Im adding some direct links as well, below:

The Girl on the Train: I totally loved this one, more because I could relate to the character but no doubt this one is worth a try.

Me Before You: This is the first part of the sequel and the recent feature film ‘Me Before You’ featuring Emilia Clarke is based on this.

After You: This is the sequel to Me Before You and helps you get a closure :p

Divergent: This is the one I’m currently reading. It is the first part of series and a movie of the same name has already been released. In the same search you can also find the next parts of the series. Update: I read this one and the writing is good, though I wouldn’t say I loved this one as much as I loved the movie, may be because there was no suspense for me in this book/series as I’ve already watched them all. May be I should give Allegiant a try, the movie isn’t out yet of this part.

Room: I’ve not started this one yet but I’m going to, from tomorrow. I’ve just finished reading Divergent and it was one hell of a roller-coaster. You should give it a try too. Let’s talk about Room though. When I watched this movie, I couldn’t stop crying. Yes! It’s that good and then and there I decided, I’ve got to read this story, I’ve got to know it more. So here it’s. Update: I’ve completed this book and it’s absolutely gorgeous. This one is a must read!

Train to Pakistan: This is what I’m reading now, a classic and my first of this league. And I’ve not check the summary as well of this because I want it to be a total surprise unaffected by what others thought of it. But if you want you can check out more about it on the link.


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