Creating Your First Website: Introduction

Creating Your First Website: Introduction

Let me tell you a bit about this project. Back in college, I made some 17 cards for a friend of mine and to share my joy of this achievement, I started a Facebook page by the name thecardmakers, which now has 3k+ likes btw. The page is about selling exclusive handmade cards, invitations and on demand crafts . Long story short, this website I’m trying to create will have the posts about thecardmakers plus things I sometimes like to write about.

So to begin, I’m not thinking of jumping into coding right away with those html tags and big fancy technology lingo. Idea is to get comfortable around the terms used for website designing, be a bit familiar if not ace them. A bit of theory wouldn’t hurt at this point, would it?  Further steps would be to select technologies which we’ll use to create this website keeping it cost effective as much as possible.

You can check the page I was talking about here: thecardmakers and its Instagram handle @thecardmakers.

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